10 Beautiful New Fonts for December 2017

This month has seen the launch of a wide range of beautiful new free and premium fonts. These include the likes of Studio Gothic, a modernist typeface drawing cues from the thirties and forties eras, and Sansa Dior, a luxury handwritten font with the qualities and feel of a premium designer brand.

Continue reading to discover a selection of the most beautiful new fonts for December 2017.


1. TT Travels (Premium)

This beautiful uniform typeface is both elegant and versatile. It’s modern without ridding of the small details, and would make for a great heading or paragraph font.


2. Crash One (Free)

This hand painted style typeface is tall and rough around the edges. This makes it perfect for print material and artistic-style design projects.


3. Sybilla Shade Pro (Premium)

Sybilla Shade Pro is extremely versatile in its ability to transform into a variety of different weights, styles, and widths. The styles are highly visual and would be particularly suited to print projects like posters and banners.


4. Rosella™ (Premium)

Offering a very traditional direction, Rosella™ offers a modern take on engraved lettering. It’s dynamic in the styles it can take on, and the typeface itself is perfectly spaced and consistent throughout.


5. Fenway Script Typeface (Free)

This baseball-inspired typeface combines script and sans serif styles to produce a font that is personable and a great option for traditional print projects and logo designs.


6. Studio Gothic (Free for personal use)

Using slick lines and unique modernist capitalization forms, Studio Gothic offers a very modern typeface with cues from the thirties and forties eras.


7. Chublings (Free for personal use)

Offering a more playful-themed font is Chublings by Darrell Flood. It would make for an excellent addition to a children’s website or book, or a comic strip design.


8. Heading Pro (Premium)

Heading Pro is similar to Roboto Condensed in its form. However it offers more detailing, and a significantly greater number of weight variations, making it a more comprehensive, unique, and dynamic choice.


9. Sansa Dior Typeface (Free)

One of the most stunning script fonts to release this year, Sansa Dior is free and offers all the detailing and forms that we’d come to expect with a luxury designer brand or signature.


10. Super Natural (Premium)

Another beautiful script font, Super Natural offers a more bold and rugged direction, perfect for poster designs and hero banners.