10 Beautiful New Fonts for November 2017

This month has seen the launch of a wide range of beautiful new free and premium fonts. These include the likes of Decor Sans, a 1920’s-inspired typeface designed by Mark van Leeuwen, and Archia, an elegant and perfectly-formed font by Atipo.

Continue reading to discover a selection of the most beautiful new fonts for November 2017.


Julian Script Typeface (Free)

Julian is a beautiful hand-written style script typeface. It’s elegant and cohesive, and would be perfect for t-shirt designs and printed material.


Mouron (Free)

Mouron is a free typeface by Simon Dunford. It’s based upon and inspired by the clean-lined artworks of artist, A.M.Cassandre.


Archia (Free)

Archia is a free typeface by Atipo Foundry. It has the feel of an expensive premium typeface, and would be perfect for inclusion in print or branding projects.


Barley Script (Premium)

One of the finest new script fonts to release this year is Barley Script. Its form is authentic and it includes some extended functionality allowing for optional underlining like in the above example.


Geometrica (Premium)

This premium font, designed by Peggo, is an incredibly versatile font with a wonderful retro feel. It’s perfect for both heading as well as paragraph typography.


Aileron (Free)

Aileron is a comprehensive free typeface with 16 different weights. It would be a great fit for almost any type of web or print-based project.


Floki (Premium)

Floki is beautifully unique and contemporary in its form. The condensed typeface is clean and structured but offers a playful feel: great for branding projects.


Decor Sans (Premium)

Decor Sans is a modern typeface but inspired by the 1920’s and 1930’s styles of typography. Its eye-catching form offers a perfect balance between classic and modern.


Pairon (Premium)

This modern sans serif font draws inspiration from technology, geometry and minimalism. The characters offer some really unique forms, making it perfect for standout brochures and advertising projects.


Isotonic (Premium)

Isotonic is one of the most uniform and perfectly-structured fonts of 2017. The soft corners are delightful and the typeface works wonders as body or title text in both print or web.