10 Festive CSS Snippets for Your Website

CSS snippets are the perfect way to add some festivity to your website. With a simple copy and paste, you can soon be achieving some neat and creative effects like falling snow, or an animated Christmas tree. It’s a great way to add some extra visual interest to your site for the holidays. It’s also a worthwhile exercise to play with some of the snippets, learn how they work, and to customize them further and create some truly unique effects.

In this article, we’re going to round up a selection of ten of the most festive CSS snippets to add to your website this holiday season.


1. Flat CSS Pure Snowman

This beautifully-designed snowman is created using pure CSS. It would be perfect as a basis for adding some animation, or for inclusion on a login or landing page.


2. Christmas Lights

These beautiful Christmas lights use a bokeh effect and warm holiday colors to create a background design, perfect for inclusion as a backdrop to website content.


3. CSS3 Snow Animation

One of the simplest and most subtle snippets is this CSS3 snow animation. It’s a great way to add some simple universal festivity to your website without altering any important design elements.


4. Blinking SVG Christmas Lights

Similarly, these blinking SVG Christmas lights are really simple to add to your website. The blinking effect is a neat addition.


5. Animated Christmas Card

This cleverly animated example allows the user to click on a Christmas card and be greeted by its contents inside. It offers some great opportunity for use as a message such as holiday wishes or a special offer/discount.


6. tiny christmas tree

Another animated example, this small Christmas tree applies some satisfying animation effects on hover. It would be a great addition placed alongside a logo or inside a button.


7. Christmas Tree(Hover)

This slightly larger example is similar, but offers a more refined and detailed design, with blinking tree lights, and subtle hover animations on the stockings and present.


8. Pure CSS Christmas Lights

These pure CSS Christmas lights offer a color scheme more suited to a dark website theme. The neon lights glow on and off and allow for easy further customization of timings and colors.


9. Christmas tree

This neon Christmas tree is animated with precision. Initially it draws the outline of the tree, then proceeds to glow and flicker, producing a realistic and visually satisfying effect.


10. Winter Landscape. SVG Animation

This detailed winter landscape is one of the more complex examples, with multiple animated elements and subtle transitions throughout. Its detailing and complexity would make it perfect for a login page, hero section, or as a basis for a simple landing page design.