10 Stunning Illustrated T-shirt Designs for the Holidays

With the holidays nearing ever closer, designers have begun to illustrate wintery and festive t-shirt designs. They offer some of the most beautiful and stunning examples of illustration design, while making for excellent style pieces for winter. They are also often perfect gifts for friends and family. Designs vary from clever references to television series and products, to atmospheric wintery scenes and animals.

In no particular order, we’re going to round up ten of the most stunning illustrated t-shirt designs for the 2017 holiday period. All are available to purchase, with some priced at just $10.


1. The Most Winterful Time of the Year

This minimal, perfectly-formed illustration uses a simple palette of light blue and white. Combined with the blue tri-blend t-shirt material, it makes for a beautiful wintery design.


2. Christmas Things

A clever play on the Stranger Things Netflix series, this design combines direction from the series while also including detailing and styling from the ‘ugly sweater’ trend.


3. Snow illustration for Christmas

Another minimal design, this snowflake combines perfect vector strokes with a metallic gold effect. It’s very wearable and could be worn throughout the winter months.


4. New Beginning

This funny and clever graphic illustrates a group of penguins finding their idea of paradise inside a fridge door. The detailing is beautiful and makes excellent use of negative space throughout.


5. Sunset in Vertical – Winter

This colorful t-shirt illustration is incredibly atmospheric and perfectly captures the colors of the northern lights. It’s both artistic and impactful, and combines two different design styles to great effect.


6. Hipster Santa

This comedic design featuring ‘Hipster Santa’ is stunning in its simplicity. It’s highly stylized with beautiful detailing and appropriate colors chosen for the color fills and t-shirt material.


7. Winter Night

This stunning artistic design uses beautiful colors and lighting techniques to present an illustration that evokes warmth and festive atmosphere.


8. Snow Flake

This incredibly detailed illustration captures the cold but atmospheric details of a wintery night. The detailing on the deer is breathtaking, and the combination with the circular night sky gives the design a cohesive and satisfying layout.


9. Abominable Snowman

This clever idea positions the abominable snowman as the face of a delightful made-up cereal brand. It’s playful, positive, and has a beautiful winter theme throughout. It would make for a perfect present for adults and children alike.


10. Visit the Wall

Offering a highly visual design, this graphic illustrates an ice wall with dramatic cloud detailing and perfectly crafted foreground details including trees and a horse rider. The typography is composed beautifully to fit and compliment the design.