10 Stunning New Portfolio Designs for December 2017

This month, new portfolio designs are maintaining minimalist aesthetics. Many are continuing to implement aspects of the brutalist design trend, including daring color combinations, overlapping design elements, unique and bulky link hover effects, and custom layout structures. These trends are making for some incredibly out-there and highly visual portfolios which present an entirely different experience in each case.

In this article, we are going to round up ten of the most stunning new portfolio designs in December for your inspiration.


1. Orthonormai

Using a unique grid structure, Orthonormai has created a portfolio design that is both minimalist and harmonious with the image content and typography.


2. Manuele J Sarfatti

Manuele J Sarfatti’s portfolio design uses a unique and rarely-used color scheme of red on navy. In theory, this combination would seem a no-go, but Manuele pulls it off beautifully while incorporating elements of brutalism such as angular typography.


3. Kyle Thacker

Kyle Thanker’s portfolio would blend in amongst other minimalist portfolios, were it not for the stunning illustration below the primary content. The muted colors and bold orange sun compliment the design beautifully.


4. Jeremiah Warren

Using beautiful muted photography and minimal typography, Jeremiah Warren’s portfolio site feels spacious and casts the user’s focus on the content.



Implementing some stunning visual effects and new web technologies, NON-LINEAR’s website makes for a highly visual and creative take on a portfolio design. It’s bold, playful and succeeds in showing off the company’s work with style.


6. Heydays

One of the most minimal examples this month is Heydays. Its portfolio is simply a title, hamburger icon, emphatic tagline, and image grid layout. It’s bold and impressive, casting focus on the content at hand.


7. Ghostly Ferns

The custom illustrative header section on Ghostly Ferns’ portfolio is remarkably colorful and complimentary of the remainder of the design visuals. It makes for a beautiful and positive introduction to the company.


8. Wkrm

Wkrm’s website incorporates aspects of the brutalist design trend, with animated graphics appearing on hover over links. It’s a neat application of the trend and makes for a basic but effective portfolio.


9. Luke Fenech

Incorporating beautiful, traditional serif typography, and muted print-like colors, Luke Fenech’s portfolio makes for a cohesive design. It’s simple but unique, and uses large imagery in tandem with classic type and iconography.


10. Bff

Bff’s portfolio uses an attention-grabbing royal blue color against a background of profile imagery and medium gray color. The overlapping design elements throughout are bold and effective.