10 Unique CSS Snippets For Your Next Web Project

Add some simple finesse and interaction to your web projects.

Using CSS snippets is a perfect way to add some extra design detail and interaction to a web project. There are a number of sites which allow users to share their CSS experiments for others to use, free of charge. Some of these are incredibly creative and allow for further customisation or adaptation to an existing project. They range from the incredibly useful, like this minimalist newsletter form, to the useless (but nevertheless impressive), like this animated Yoshi’s Island.

In this article, we have rounded up ten of the most unique and impressive CSS snippets for use in your next web-based project.


Weather animations

These weather animations use some stunning CSS wizardry to animate the designs. These can be adapted to fit other icons and offer a starting point for playing with CSS animations.

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Wave (CSS animation)

This wave CSS animation would make a great addition to any hero section or landing page. The animation is simple and clean and would be straightforward to adapt to other typography and color schemes.

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Material Design Bubble Animation

This CSS snippet triggers a circular bubble animation upon each button click. It could have some neat effects when combined with navigation elements and buttons.

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Service Pricing Selection

Pricing tables are commonplace in today’s web. This pre-built service pricing design is beautiful in its style and composition, and offers a great starting point for further customisation.

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Scrolling half by half pure

This CSS snippet alternates the scrolling from left to right. It’s incredibly neat and would be perfect for a highly visual website such as a portfolio or photo/travel blog.

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These shapes have a distinct brutalist-style feel to them. Combined with the sporadic animations, they would make for an impressive and visual landing page or hero section background.

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Cards hover effect

Since the inception of Material Design, content cards have become commonplace on the web. This snippet adds an extra dimension to them by triggering a subtle depth effect on hover.

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iPhone X in full CSS

This iPhone X is amazingly created entirely in CSS. This allows for it to have a multitude of transitions and animations applied to it when using it in a web project.

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Simple Pure CSS Drop Down Menu

Dropdown menus are still commonplace in web design and offer a great number of user experience benefits. This design is a perfect starting point without having to rely on JavaScript or third-party plugins or extensions.

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Sign-Up/Login Form

Perfect for a web service or admin dashboard, this snippet has all the necessary fields for signing up or logging in. With some minor customisation, this form would fit right into any web-based product or service.

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