18 Stunning Free Portfolio Themes for WordPress

Using a free portfolio theme for WordPress is a great starting point for getting your work online. Whether you’re not so confident with web development, or just need a quick way to get your site launched, WordPress themes have you covered. Many themes are easy to customize and tailor to your specific needs and branding. They typically come with built-in options to allow you to change colors, modify layouts, and upload your own logo graphics and background images. Even for the most accomplished of developers, starting with a theme as a basis can save a great deal of time and effort. Similarly, it can produce some excellent results with greater time able to be spent on styling and adding impressive CSS animation and effects.

In this article, we are going to round up a selection of the 18 most stunning free portfolio themes for WordPress.


  1. Portfolio

This responsive portfolio theme is heavily focused around large, full-screen imagery. This makes it perfect for a photography or design portfolio. It comes with built-in customization options to change the fonts and colors with ease.


  1. Portfolio Lite

Portfolio Lite is a delightfully simple WordPress theme. The minimal homepage uses a slider to showcase a selection of your work. This theme is perfect for extra customization; it wouldn’t take much to make it unique and align it with your personal or company brand.


  1. Glaciar Lite

Glaciar is a very on-trend portfolio theme design. It uses subtle shadows throughout, as well as eye-catching shape graphics across the header, active states, and background. It includes galleries, widget areas, a contact page, and more. The added animations are a perfect finishing touch.


  1. Olevia

Another theme with heavy focus on imagery is Olevia. The homepage example uses photograph placeholders, but this would be perfect for displaying any type of work. It’s deceptively simple, featuring a multitude of custom options, layouts, and page types.


  1. Espied

This beautiful grid-based theme presents a unique layout with a distraction-free viewing experience. Navigation items are hidden behind a hamburger menu and surplus design details are kept to a minimum. It offers a perfect starting point for customization of the theme.


  1. Maker

Maker is a wonderful, clean theme with great attention paid to the typography and spacing. The inner pages offer plenty of column options and styles. It’s one of the most simple themes to quickly get your work online with a polished and attractive site design.


  1. Fukasawa

Using a Pinterest-style grid layout, Fukasawa allows you to share images and videos inside a fully-responsive, retina theme. It includes multiple post formats with the ability to add galleries and slideshows. The dashboard includes simple options to add your own logo, customize the widget area, and change the primary accent color.


  1. Touchfolio

With an almost full-screen homepage image slider, Touchfolio presents an immersive portfolio theme design. The theme is comprehensive in its development, focusing on responsiveness, touch-optimization, and a skinning system. The theme is one of the most impressive in terms of featureset, and probably offers the most scope for customization.


  1. PicleticFree

Picletic uses a full-width grid layout with simple overlaying typography. It’s perfect for presenting high-resolution photography, as well as design work. The header section includes a clear call-to-action button, perfect for use as a means to contact.


  1. Pure

Potentially the most polished theme of this round up, Pure uses a Pinterest-style grid and abundance of white space. The responsive design includes five different header designs, different portfolio layouts, a powerful admin panel, and hundreds of fonts, colors, and icons to choose from.


  1. Portfolio

This grid-based portfolio uses a card-based design with excellent contrast against the gray background. The top navigation allows users to filter content, making it perfect for a design portfolio where work type can be easily specified.

  1. CleanPort

As a slightly more complex theme, this would potentially be better suited as an agency or company portfolio. The sections allow for presentation of products and services, professionally and easily. Its design is lightweight and allows for plenty of customization through the Theme Customizer.


  1. Monstroid 2 Lite

Monstroid 2 Lite is a well-designed and comprehensive WordPress theme. It’s bundled with a number of neat features, including a live customization panel, performance optimization options, a MailChimp-ready email template, and more. The theme is well-documented and tested extensively across different browsers.


  1. Asterion

Another theme targeted more toward agency portfolios is Asterion. It implements a large hero section with a clearly defined call-to-action. It’s perfect as a basis to begin applying your logo, brand colors, and visuals.


  1. Portra

This minimal theme by Porta is beautiful in its layout and refined use of color and graphical elements. It has a very creative feel to the design with unique horizontal scrolling functionality. The design would work perfectly as an artist portfolio website.


  1. Talon

Talon is targeted towards creative freelancers and companies, offering a midway point between a simple portfolio and corporate agency website. It focuses on customization, with options for changing header designs, icons, fonts, layouts, and more.


  1. Hestia

This more generic-themed WordPress template is perfect for almost any type of website. However, the emphatic hero section and clearly-defined structure make it a great starting point for a design portfolio or agency website. It has a wide-ranging selection of page types, each easily customizable inside the WordPress dashboard.


  1. Elegant

The final stunning free portfolio theme is Elegant. It uses beautiful icons and includes an impactful hero slider. The customization settings allow you to add a custom logo, change the background color or image, set the number of portfolio posts per page, select homepage and footer designs, and much more.