35 Stunning Examples of Minimal Logo Designs

Minimal logo designs have great merit in the fact they strip back any superfluous design detailing and styling. They put forward a mark or logotype which works regardless of the color (or lack thereof) or medium upon which it’s placed. It casts focus on producing a unique and recognizable form, rather than dressing up and stylizing something that may have been seen before.

Minimal logos also offer some of the most visually appealing designs, particularly in an era where minimalism is so popular and used prominently throughout the creative industries. In this article, we are going to round up 35 of the most stunning examples of minimal logo designs from the past year.


1. Pameks


2. Sakki


3. Smith & Johnson


4. Collect




6. Chat


7. Aman


8. NAU


9. Erik Penser Bank


10. Centro de liberdade econômica Mackenzie


11. Qoñi


12. Point


13. Smokovik


14. PMA Waveforms


15. Hunter & Folk Branding


16. R Monogram


17. Caldo Coffee


18. A


19. Stevenson Systems


20. SS Monogram


21. Meg’s Tailoring


22. sof.


23. The International


24. Linden Staub


25. Myful


26. Giant


27. Prism


28. Refugee Midwifery Service


29. FR-EE


30. PPress


31. A. Andreassen


32. Obra Blanca


33. Birdie 2


34. A-TO-B


35. Researchers In Schools