40 Free Minimal Images for Design Projects

Minimalism is still a prominent and widely-used design language in both digital and print mediums. It’s been embraced by designers across the industry, as well as across operating systems like Apple iOS and Windows 10.

Source: Dribbble


It’s a style that strips back any superfluous styling and design elements which are not core to the user experience. Given the nature of this direction, it has much fewer ways of providing visuals and differentiating through a unique style. However, when executed with precision, this can be achieved through a various number of design elements. These include layout, typography, buttons, and minimal styling techniques such as border radii.

Another element, and probably the most impactful, is imagery. This typically takes up a great portion of screen or print space, contributing greatly to the overall visual design. As such, it’s important to select imagery that is both high-quality and in keeping with the overall design direction.

In this article, we are going to handpick a selection of the 40 finest free minimal images for use in your design projects. All of these are available to use under a CC0 licence. This means they are free to use in both your personal and commercial projects.


  1. Stairs

  1. Black Sand

  1. Sky and Ski Lift

  1. Apple Watch

  1. Cereal

  1. Plane

  1. Windows

  1. Plant

  1. Shades

  1. Trees

  1. MacBook

  1. Pineapples

  1. Coffee

  1. Ice Cream Sign

  1. Dunes

  1. Swimming

  1. Lights

  1. House

  1. Minimal Desk

  1. Roof

  1. Spa

  1. Wall

  1. Solar Panels

  1. Cable Lightbulb

  1. Blorange

  1. Driveway

  1. Lamp

  1. Tennis

  1. Plant

  1. Yellow Lamp

  1. Black Chair

  1. White & Red Wall

  1. Life

  1. Horizon

  1. Table

  1. Ripples

  1. Walking

  1. Fashion

  1. Rooftop

  1. Pink