40 Inspiring Examples of Design Wireframes

Wireframes form an integral part of any digital design project. They allow designers to map out user experience flows and begin to plan the general layout and structure of a product. These often begin as low-fidelity wireframes, often consisting of a pencil or pen sketch, typically done on paper or a whiteboard. They are then refined further, becoming medium or high-fidelity wireframes. These are often either detailed sketches or digital equivalents with minimal styling or content applied at this stage.

In this article, we are going to cover all three of these wireframing stages, providing examples throughout each category. These are often incredibly inspiring. They allow us insight into how a designer works, providing inspiration for wireframing approaches and techniques in our own design projects.


  1. UX Research & Design for Grocery Shopping Service


  1. Doctorpedia Wireframe Sketch


  1. Photography Template Wireframe


  1. Creating Plan Flow


  1. Sitemappin’


  1. UI Wireflows


  1. Hashtag App


  1. Wireframes of Logic Synergy


  1. Website Wireflow


  1. Applied Skills – UX


  1. Wireframing – Medical App


  1. Wireframes for Tipkings (Tip Competition Website)


  1. Bookbot | Landing Page Iteration 2


  1. UX flow wireframe for Organic store


  1. Low-Fi Wireframes


  1. Mg User Screen Flow Sm


  1. User Flow


  1. Just an old and blue wireframe 🙂


  1. Wireframes


  1. Card Design Progress


  1. Sketch Sitemapping User Flow Template


  1. UX analysis – automobile classifieds mobile app (2016)


  1. Old school


  1. Wireframes


  1. Collaborative Invision Freehand for Landing Page with Lyearn


  1. Presentes Mickey


  1. E-Commerce UX Wireframes


  1. Wf Hipermedia V1


  1. Kamcord Reactions Wireframes


  1. Kids App Wireframe for iPad


  1. UX Flow


  1. Simple Habit landing page wireframe


  1. Various Screens


  1. Wireframe in Google drawing


  1. magazyn q High-Fidelity Wireframe


  1. Infographic Wireframes


  1. Wireframes


  1. Wireframes


  1. Tiny Wireframe – Material Design


  1. Meet Wearly Wireframe