8 Beautiful Free UI Element Code Snippets

Open source code snippets present some of the most refined and visually impressive examples of user interface elements. They are simple to integrate into your web design projects and offer a great deal of scope for further customization. Not only can this save you time during a project, it can also improve the final output and present a product that uses beautiful, refined user interface elements. These elements would often take too long to code during a project, leaving the developer to use something simpler with less design and stylistic merit.

In this article, we are going to compile eight of the most beautiful free user interface element snippets for inclusion in your upcoming web projects.


1. Responsive Flat UI Kit

This user interface kit offers a multitude of different Bootstrap elements, all designed with a cohesive design language. It offers a refreshing break from the default Bootstrap elements and provides a great starting point, should you want to tweak and customize the styles further.


2. Daily UI #013: Direct Messaging

This direct messaging interface has been coded with a number of neat features including compose states and subtle animations. It would make for a perfect chatbot skin or customer support modal.


3. Angular Material Tabs with UI-Router

A common component within Material Design, this tabbed toolbar allows for separation of pages and content. The simple styling allows for further customization and design tweaks to fit your project.


4. Card Article UI

This card article user interface implements emphatic title text and subtle overlaying gradients. The result is a neat tile layout, reminiscent of sites like The Next Web and earlier versions of The Verge.


5. UI Card Design revisited 🙂

Another card article user interface, this design offers a more minimalist and refined direction. It includes subtle hits of color and a clean, spacious layout.


6. CodePen User Profile Card

This beautifully designed profile section uses subtle styling and design elements throughout. It’s minimal and refined, with perfect use of typography and depth. It would make for a perfect profile page or starting point for an account settings interface.


7. Daily UI #015 On/Off switch

This neat card allows for switching between day and night modes. The included illustrations are beautifully animated and offer great visual feedback. The card would be perfect for an onboarding sequence, or with further simplification, a dashboard day/night mode toggle.


8. Music Player UI challenge

Many default HTML5 music and video players are both uninspiring and lacklustre. This coded design allows you to improve the visuals for these elements and create a visual direction which fits with the rest of your website design.