8 Creative JavaScript Snippets for Your Portfolio

Using open-source JavaScript snippets can be a great way to add extra functionality and design elements to your portfolio. Whether you’re looking to utilize animations and transitions, or add some neat hover effects to thumbnails, JavaScript snippets have you covered. These are really easy to implement inside your existing code and offer some scope for further customization to fit your site’s style and direction.

In this article we are going to look at eight of the most creative and useful JavaScript snippets for inclusion in your portfolio.


Galleria Tbilisi – loading

This attractive loading animation combines some beautiful gradients with clever physics. It’s perfect for including in a portfolio while content or heavy imagery is loading.


Options Button

This neat options button uses Material Design language and would be perfect for inclusion on any portfolio site. You could easily switch icons out and customize it for contact options or to display your social profiles.



SlideToggler uses JavaScript to create a slick expanding menu. It’s perfect for use behind a hamburger menu icon, or share icon.


Animating individual characters from text

The animating of typography has become a prominent web design trend over the last year. This snippet allows you to animate individual characters from text to produce some fancy results. It would be particularly impressive inside a hero section.



Sliders have stood the test of time and are still a very useful component in almost any portfolio design. This simple snippet allows you to add a slider with ease, and presents plenty of opportunity for customization.


Blog Cards

If you’re looking to add a simple blog page to your portfolio, look no further than this beautifully designed layout by Khadar Hassan. It’s simple, customizable, and carefully animated.


Geometrical background

Graphical backgrounds are becoming commonplace in web design, particularly animated versions. The geometrical design is beautifully animated and would look great behind a filled content area or hero section.


Video.js Default Skin

If you’re looking to include video in your portfolio, it’s a great idea to use a custom player. This enables you to customize the skin to fit the direction of your design, allowing you to easily tweak the sizing, iconography, and colors.