8 Free Design Resources for Getting Started with Figma

It’s an exciting time for the design industry. Competition amongst software companies is at an all time high. The likes of Adobe, Sketch, InVision Studio, and Figma, are all battling it out to become the industry leader. This is driving innovation and presenting some of the most groundbreaking and exciting features to designers.

One of these applications at the forefront of the design software industry, is Figma. It’s a lightweight, but highly capable collaborative design tool. It allows you to design, prototype, and gather feedback, all in one place. This eliminates the need for surplus tools such as InVision and Marvel. It’s also cross-platform, allowing you to use Figma even if you’re on Linux or ChromeOS. If you’re currently an Adobe XD or Sketch user, it’s worth reading up on Figma and considering whether it’s worth trialling as your primary design tool.

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In this article, we are going to round up eight beautiful resources for new Figma users. This will help ease the transition from your current software and present some excellent resources to help you start producing high quality design work right away. You can open all of these resources directly into Figma without having to download any files.


iOS 11 GUI

This comprehensive graphical user interface kit for Figma contains everything you need to produce iOS mockups. It includes core components of iOS 11, as well as 60 screen designs found in the public release.


Iconic 1: Ryan Putnam

Ryan Putnam is one of the most well-respected and talented illustrators in the industry. He compiled this beautiful icon set consisting of 25 line-based vectors. It comes in multiple colors and style formats.


Iconic 2: Meg Robichaud

Another talented illustrator, Meg Robichaud, created this set of 25 icons which similarly comes in a number of different style variants. It’s perfect for including in your web or mobile design projects.


Messenger Platform Design Kit

Facebook’s design team is renowned for the tremendous resources it releases to the design community. This particular release is centered around the Messenger platform and offers a multitude of pixel-perfect design components for use in mobile projects.


Bootstrap Grid for Figma

As the world’s most popular web-based framework, Bootstrap is frequently used by designers and developers as a basis for their projects. This handy resource for Figma offers a selection of grids to enable you to produce web mockups easily and efficiently.


Free Sitemap Cards

Perfect for user interface projects or user experience mapping, these free sitemap cards are well-designed and cover a range of layout options. They are easy to customize and use a consistent blue color palette throughout.


Figma Gradients

Gradients are very much at the forefront of digital design trends. This makes it useful to have some preset gradients at hand for applying to design elements. They use a variety of beautiful and vibrant colors, and would look on-trend when applied inside any design project.


Free UI kit e-commerce

This comprehensive user interface kit covers a wide range of different layouts and iOS screen types. It makes for a perfect starting point when laying out a mobile ecommerce project.