Beautiful Examples of Popular Website Redesign Concepts

Many designers try their hand at redesigning popular websites, looking to make improvements to the user interface and experience. These concepts can often be unrealistic and overly visual, however others can offer some really unique and exciting approaches. They look to improve not just on the visuals, but the overall user experience and easy-of-use. It is these examples of popular website redesign concepts we are going to look at today.

From Twitch to Google, these redesign concepts present some of the most stunning and beautiful examples of digital design for your inspiration.



This IMDb redesign focuses heavily on large and emphatic imagery. It’s a very visual redesign but with a solid user experience foundation. The detailing on hover states and backgrounds is attractive and provides a perfect sense of depth and contrast to the design.



This clean redesign of Twitch simplifies the navigation areas, casting greater focus on the video stream itself. The shadowed video section applies even further focus and hierarchy,  making for an appealing visual effect against the header banner imagery behind.



Facebook is a difficult site to redesign. It includes so many features, ads and pages. This redesign has kept much of the visual language, but added refinements and spacing throughout. The result is an interface that obscures much of the extended functionality and feels much easier to understand for the average user.



This redesign of Google’s search results is impressive in the way it maintains the direction through the use of Material guidelines. Rather than going off on a tangent, the designer has brought it in line with many of the company’s other web products like Google Drive, Docs, and Keep. The use of Google’s blue accent color is a neat addition and provides extra visual separation throughout.



This simplification of LinkedIn is incredibly spacious and well-structured. The layout is considered and makes for a more understandable visual hierarchy. The extended use of large visuals, such as imagery and profile pictures, presents a more enticing and impressive design.



Using beautiful typography and carefully-selected imagery, this Volkswagen redesign is perfectly-formed and polished in its design. The structure provides a great deal of visual interest while including a number of key components such as a matching input and important specifications including pricing.



Trello is renowned for its somewhat simple and basic user interface design and styling. This concept seeks to expand upon this through the use of depth-styling, muted colors, and other design cues from Material Design. The result is not only visually attractive, but also provides improved contrast, better-defined call-to-action elements, and greater spacing throughout.