Examples of Impactful Photography in Hero Sections

The hero section is the most important element to get right within a landing page. It has to be impactful, communicate well with the user, and sell the product at hand. There are a number of methods designers implement to produce an impactful hero section. Many use custom artwork and illustrations which are both informative and on-brand. Other designers use imagery. Much of this depends on the case at hand. A photo, for example, is far more effective at conveying emotion or showcasing an attractive product.

In this article, we’re going to look at and analyze some of the finest examples of impactful photography in hero sections.


Square Register

The Square Register hero photography does two things extremely well. Firstly, it showcases the product in a live environment. This allows the user to understand the product and envisage themselves using it. Secondly, the photography is atmospheric and captures red light throughout, in keeping with the remainder of the red theme throughout the buttons and UI elements on the site.


VSCO Desktop

VSCO Desktop’s hero photography is very minimal, but also unique in the way it educates the user. The side-by-side comparisons showcase the presets in action, both explaining the product and introducing some beautiful, impressive visuals at the same time.


Oculus Go

Oculus Go’s hero photography is incredibly impactful in the way it focuses solely on the product itself. The subject is large and emphatic, capturing the light perfectly to show its simple form and monochrome color scheme.


Château de Versailles

This example presents a slightly different design problem in that it has to sell an experience. This has lead it to include some expansive, panoramic photography which includes a perfect blue sky and dramatic, positive lighting throughout.


Intercom Books

Intercom Books has used some less-traditional techniques to compose a bright and highly impactful hero image. The blues contrast wonderfully with the orange, yellow, and white. It’s slightly ‘out-there’ but certainly unique, and draws users’ attention into the page.



Airbnb presents some of the most emotive and meaningful photography in their hero sections. This examples highlights a welcoming host with plenty of authentic and positive expression on the subjects’ faces. The background scenery is impressive and sells the stunning locations available to rent through the service.



This almost symmetrical photograph combines with 3D computer-generated visuals to produce a very ordered and structured design. The bold use of blue contrasts with the background elements beautifully, and the furniture throughout is on-trend and cohesive. It results in a slightly unusual hero section, but nevertheless one that is impactful and memorable.