WordPress theme or custom code?

Most of the websites nowadays are created using a WordPress theme. The CMS platform was designed to be a blog platform but grew rapidly and now offers many themes, plugins and even e-commerce solutions. All of this leads to one thing, simplification.

You do not need to learn to code to build your website if you require to add a contact form or a slider you just install a plugin and you are good to go.
It is all fun and games but are those simple solutions safe and most importantly, are they as fast as custom code?

Of course, you may argue that everything that is created from scratch is better and has better performance?
In most cases, the plugins and themes are updated and let you keep your WordPress installation safe. The most significant concern is speed.

Premium WordPress themes are continually updated, but they are massive. With tons of options and configuration possibilities, you can have a lot of files and scripts loading when the page is visited. It will most likely slow your page and make it horrible for users, or will it?. Here is a recent test of most of the premium themes from the Envato Market, they are quite astounding. Click here for link

The themes presented in the picture are the most popular themes on the Envato market. They are very fast, optimized and versatile.
This brings up a question, do we need to learn to code?
If you would like to create a website for a client and base it on your content management system, then you would need to know: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and let’s not forget about design or SEO. But with those themes, you only need to know how to set up a WordPress installation, which is not hard and most hosting companies offer WordPress installation tools, so in the end you do not need to do that at all.

Of course, those themes will not let you do anything you want, so knowing something about HTML and CSS or even some JS basics will allow you create any content you desire with the proper CMS attached.

Should I learn to code and create my websites or do I pick a theme and go from there?

It all depends on who you want to be. If you are a freelancer and you make websites for small businesses like restaurants, hairdressers or cafes then picking a ready to use WordPress theme is a perfect solution for you. Many of them use ready to use demo websites and sections which let you create your website with just a couple of clicks. They also use front-end builders to allow you visually create your content on the go, without the painful saving and reloading the page each time you make a change. Let’s not forget that most of them come with easy to use premium plugins like Revolution Slider or Visual Composer. Those plugins will let you create professional looking content without any coding skills.